Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Student Exhibition in Trim

Works by students of the County Meath V.E.C .Back to Education Initiative in Trim, Ireland that are learning to paint and draw through the perfect vision methods will be on display on the 6th of June. Details Below....

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Just Back From London

Sean, you were very quick off the mark, my feet haven't even deswelled yet!! It was a wonderful weekend- many thanks. Talking about quick off the mark - I see Susan has contributed already.

I couldn't tell you how I got to this point of your Blog and I don't know if I will be able to do it again but I am going to try to ad a pic. One is a picture of our hotelroom window. I hope you can make out the kid's sunspecs at the foot of the ancient carving in the second one. I thought it was lovely.

p.s. I've spent an hour at least at this when I chould have been PAINTING, and i don't think the pics have downloaded.

Even the Street is a Good Place for Art in London

One of the many Art works I saw on the threaded journey but this time it was in the window of a the Trafalgar Hotel. and the artists sculpture was made of loads of cheap bright plastic toys screwed onto a man and dog shaped wooden armature. See more about Robert Bradford at ...

Ariadne's Thread: Trip to London May '08

The Perfect Vision Guild took a small guided group tour with Sean O'Dwyer entitled... Ariadne's Thread: A Journey through the History of Art, to London. We visited The National Gallery, The British Museum, The Tate Britain and Tate Modern over three days dining out in Covent Garden, a Chinese Garden (outside the British Museum), the Tate Modern (overlooking the St Pauls and the Millenium Bridge).... and various seating arrangements outside the Marylebone Tube Station' Marks and Spencers!

Eclectic to say the least, this journey was a unique opportunity to see those master works at first hand that we normally see only in books. How different and un-chocolate-box like a Constable looks up close. Or, how about drawing directly from Turner's watercolours as a way of experiencing his perception of light, looking at his sketchbooks and his mini portable watercolouring set and palette.

Walking by the white Elgin Marbles and finding them as inspirational as the neoclassical artists did or walking through the gates of the Assyrian city of Nimrud are experiences not to be forgotten. Looking closely at exactly how Vincent applied paint in his "Sunflowers" we can see how he makes it look more like a low relief sculpture than a painting . We are getting to know the secrets of the trade. In fact the journey we took places us almost on a first name basis with what up to now may be perceived as unapproachable giants of art.

Surrealism is easier to comprehend now having gazed over the revolutionary manifestos of Andre Breton and Max Ernst. Looking at Magritte is like meeting an old philosopher that we might warmly welcome and can understand now that the the fundamentals of the language of modern art are spoken clear to us.

It was hoped that the trip might inspire and broaden horizons, that it might unveil to the viewer the poetry and dreams that motivate the making of art and awaken the sleeping consciousness to new, exciting and endless possibilities that are now afforded to us, our eyes having been opened wider, our vision renewed.

As one fellow traveller following Ariadne's golden thread through the labyrinth said to me... "Looking at art is like eating food for the soul!"

Who was Ariadne?
The hero Theseus was sent to Crete by his people to be one of the sacrifices to the Minotaur. His true intent was to kill the Minotaur and finally end the sacrifices. Young Ariadne fell in love with Theseus the second she saw him and went against her family to help her lover. She gave Theseus a special thread that he could unwind on his way to the center of the labyrinth, so that he could kill the Minotaur and then follow the thread back out. Theseus succeeded in his quest, and in exchange for her help, he promised to make Ariadne his bride.
To find out more about the symbolism of Ariadne go to....

Welcome to the Perfect Vision Guild

Here you will see unfold in front of your eyes the work and events of the Perfect Vision Guild. You are welcome to view our works and give us feedback if you find what we do interesting. Also you can let us know if you would like to buy anything we have made. The Perfect Vision Guild was set up in 2005 to provide a platform and standard for aspiring artists who have trained in Perfect Vision Workshops held in Drogheda and Trim.