Wednesday, April 22, 2009

10 Perfect Demos: Workshop 1

Here are drawings completed in the first workshop by Susan Mullaney, Caitriona Coyne, Myra Bolger,Rita Dalton and Gillian O'Kane.

Each week Tutor Sean O'Dwyer will give a different demo covering a different technique and medium. This will cover.....

- Mediums for Making. Oil, Clay, Watercolour and Digital Media.
- Finding Inspiration.
- Photography as a tool for research
- Introduction to Photoshop and digital imagery
- The Perfect Drawing Method.
- Perfect Painting demo and Perfect Sculpture-understanding form.
- Drawing the human figure
- Introduction to Sculpture Clay modeling,
- Sketching and collating new ideas.
- Exhibition and presentation of work.
- Visual Culture presentations, art from the past and the contemporary world
- How to put your work online
- How to read an artwork... Gallery visit.

If you would like to join our workshops
Contact Sean at 0868798987